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What We Hope To Earn From You

1. An open mind to new and innovative approaches to dealing with your financial affairs. 

2. Full disclosure of the personal and business information we require in order to make an appropriate recommendation based on your situation.

3. Serious consideration of our recommendations and proposals.

4. The right to do business with you on matters we have drawn to your attention.

5. Your personal endorsement to others in similar circumstances when you believe that our advice

has been valuable to you.

6. To let us know how we are doing – If we're off track, tell us fast. If we're doing well, tell everyone!


As a general rule, we are compensated by the companies with whom we place your business. This compensation is in the form of commission paid when your contract is issued and sometimes on the basis of renewal or trailer commissions payable each year your plan is in effect. We are also liable to repay commissions received if your business does not stay with the supplier company according to their regulations. We can also prepare a comprehensive financial plan for you on a "fee for service" basis. 

We will be pleased to discuss our compensation with you in more detail if you are interested.


Thanks! Message sent.


6D – 7398 Yonge Street, Suite 202 

Thornhill, ON L4J 8J2


(416) 410-2332


(905) 707-5540


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